Puppy and Dog Training and Socializing for Filey, Bridlington, Scarborough and surrounding area

Jeannie Hall is offering not-for-profit puppy and dog training and socializing in Filey. Dog owners and their canine companions from the area including Bridlington, Scarborough, Malton and as far as Leeds are welcome to join. Please ring 01723 512712 to book or find out more.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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free dog training walks in Filey with Jeannie Hall, dog trainer in Filey, Scarborough, Bridlington
Jeannie and Team Yorkie on a free dog training walk Spring 2013

Jeannie Hall DipA.D.(Hons)Cert.Ed. – a retired teacher with 8 dogs and over 30 years’ experience of helping people with canine companions.

My methods are positive, effective, and recommended by vets.

My aim is to help build a bond of understanding, trust, respect and affection between you and your dog, so that you have a dog that is a joy to own and your dog has the best life possible.

The group sessions are friendly and welcoming. I use enjoyable methods to socialize & train such as:-  a variety of training games, short training walks, Rally-O, Good Dog Award, and Agility at foundation & beginner levels. All these activities are suitable for dogs of any age, size or ability.

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One hour out & about in Filey.
Precautions are taken to keep everyone safe.
Training currently available:-

For owners of puppies or older dogs.
I am always happy to help with information & guidance to achieve a good relationship between you & your canine companion(s).
Phone me for a free initial consultation 01723 512712.
Then one-to-one or group sessions are available as appropriate.

One hour out & about sessions on Sunday mornings 10.00 - 11.00am. Weather permitting.
Meeting at the Bandstand in Cresent  Gardens .
For a short friendly walk with lots of real life training, simple games, & basic agility.
Also the opportunity of gaining 'The Good Dog Award' which can be achieved by any dedicated owner.
The cost is £1 per person per session.
Please phone me for more information & to join – 01723 512712.

One hour morning sessions in Filey.
I can offer guidance & counselling on any aspect of dog-care, behaviour & training to help you & your dog(s)
change any unwanted behaviour.
£10 per session. Any profit is donated to charities such as Dogs Trust.
Please phone me to book a place - Jeannie 01723 512712.

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To become the proud owner of a happy, well-behaved dog – phone Jeannie 01723 512712

Masonic HallOut & about in Filey Spring 2017


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 Scarborough Evening News 3rd Jan 2013 ... Teaching new dogs old tricks!  By Su-Ann SeegoolamFun & Games

If you struggle to keep your dog on a leash, put it through its paces in fun behavioural classes.

Jeannie Hall of Filey says it’s her passion to help and teach people "to be happy and proud with their dog" in these not-for-profit classes which started in 2009.

She added: "It’s good basic obedience for dogs. The better trained the dog, the better life it has. It can go places and on days out instead of being left at home."

"The aim of the course is to become good companions by building a bond of trust, respect and affection. Your dog will walk well on a lead and beautifully by your side, it will come when you call it, stay when you tell it and be a good, well-mannered dog that’s a joy to own."

Jeannie started training informally in 1989 following other dog owners’ enquiries about the secrets to her
well-behaved Yorkshire Terrier.

A small fee is charged to cover costs, any profits are donated to the RSPCA, Dog's Trust etc.

For more information, or to book, call Jeannie on 01723 512712. 


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Good Dog Awards

A Selection of dogs whose owners have gained the 'GOOD DOG AWARD'


Good Dog Awards

Some of the dogs who have also gained the 'ADVANCED GOOD DOG AWARD'


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If you have a dog with problem behaviour you can begin to remedy this now by following ...



To build the foundations of the best possible relationship between you and your dog

    Use the dog’s food as rewards for all good behaviour and obedience. Put only ¼ (or less) in bowls for 2 meals a day. He must “Sit” & “Wait” before you put it down. The rest, ¾ (or more), is put into your pockets to use all the time you are with your dog as rewards for all good behaviour and obedience. Some of his food can be used to play games with your dog – such as “Go Get it, Come to me” & “Ping Pong”.
    If you want this to be most effective you will begin by putting all the food in your pockets for several days.
    Also do not praise or pet your dog for nothing. Only praise and pet as a reward for good behaviour and obedience.
    Keep your dog on a lightweight lead when you are at home. Attach this to your belt and take the dog about with you. Keep him under instruction so he knows what you are about to do and what you want him to do.  Reward all good behaviour and obedience with praise and petting or food. Use an anchor-point and “Stay” for the brief times when you cannot have him close at your side, e.g. when you have a bath. Remove the lead for playtime and sleeping.
    Groom your dog for at least 5 minutes a day. Also examine his mouth & teeth, ears, eyes, paws, bottom, tummy and skin every day. Do this kindly and firmly, talking lovingly to him.
    Take your dog out and about with you whenever and wherever you possibly can. Vary your walks and outings with him as much as possible. Whatever you are doing your dog will benefit by being with you.
    Interact with your dog throughout your outings, for example “Weave” through bollards, “Jump” over low obstacles, “ Wait” at kerbs, “Watch me” in lots of places. Always praise all obedience and good behaviour and reward with petting or food.

By following this four point plan you are caring for your dog and sharing your life with him. Teaching him how to behave in all situations. So you are giving him what he needs to be a happy fulfilled dog. He will become a content companion, attentive to you, and happy to do what you wish. You will have begun building a wonderful partnership with your dog which will give you both a great life together.

Please note:
Being isolated can cause great distress - "Separation Anxiety". This can lead to behavioural problems and illness. Do not leave your puppy or dog alone either day or night until you are sure he can cope on his own. Follow the RSPCA leaflet "Learning to be left alone", or consult me to achieve this.

* I have referred to the dog as HE, but this works equally well with both sexes.

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"Jeannie's dog training classes encourage a reward based system for
training dogs
whilst giving us humans all the information and support needed. The classes from beginners to intermediate are structured and fun. It's obvious right from the start that Jeannie is trying to help dog lovers with their problems. I would recommend anyone reading this to go along and see ... you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain."
Garry Lovett. from Hunmanby.

"Hi Jeannie,
the handouts and advice you have given us is already being put into practice. In fact, in the last few days there has been a big improvement in Poppy. Thank you again, Regards,"
Sylvia and Stuart and Cockerpoo Poppy. from Scarborough

"Holly is our 2 yr. old Staffy cross rescue dog who pulled like crazy, and wanted to attack any dog within 10ft. After a week of picking up Holly we'd enrolled in Jeannie's classes. Although great progress was made in an enjoyable environment her reactivity to other dogs was escalating. Two one-to-one sessions with Jeannie and her dogs were invaluable. We learnt how to cope with her reactivity and were given an alternative method to improve her walking to heel.
Without Jeannie's experience, help and support we would still be struggling. Holly now walks to heel, and we have just enjoyed our first off-lead walk on the beach surrounded by 12 other dogs all running free. We never thought that day would arrive!
Thank you Jeannie."                                                                                                          Walking to Heel in Cresent Gardens Spring 2017
Colin, Lynne & Holly. from Leeds

"We consider Jeannie the "Dog Whisperer" of Filey. Our American Cocker Spaniel called Milly was fearful of other dogs and an anxious soul. Walking Milly was stressful as encounters with other dogs resulted in quite ugly behaviour and potentially harmful situations. After our first class it was so clear that our good intentions with our own training of Milly had in fact been the main cause of her anti-social behaviour and anxieties. The classes proved more enlightening every week with excellent structure and thoroughly enjoyable for both pets and owners. Jeannie wasn't just training the dogs, but more importantly she was training the owners. We learnt about dog psychology, leadership, grooming and obedience.
With the help and support from Jeannie and her assistant Lynn we are now confident and in control. Milly has been transformed. She is now sociable, adorable, loving and obedient - a fantastic little dog.
We now look forward to going for walks together and enjoy every minute.
We will forever be grateful to Jeannie"
Jason, A.J. & Milly (& Wilbur - our new puppy who is going to Jeannie's classes) Scarborough

Click HERE to read reviews on Google,

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Jeannie's dog training in Filey - party time Party time!  December 2019


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Cages have no place in my program


My course is aimed at producing happy obedient dogs owned by good leaders: you and your dog becoming a team and best friends.

Cages have no place in this.

The use of cages is a fairly recent import from the U.S.A. where there is a huge dog population with unacceptable behaviours, and where thousands of dogs are destroyed every day because of this.

Dogs are very sociable animals needing company, and naturally wanting to be with us.
All desirable behaviour can only be taught when interacting with us & being taught by us. The more the puppy or dog is restricted & isolated by the use of a cage the less this happens. All a dog learns when it is shut in a cage away from you is that it is unwanted and is being punished for an unknown crime. Repeat this often enough & for long enough (and for a sensitive puppy once can be enough) and trust is destroyed, and problem behaviours begin.

No matter how "desirable" you make the cage it is still solitary confinement in exile, and this leads to stress & mental in-balance.

Dogs do need to be taught to be left alone without distress - see the R.S.P.C.A. leaflet on how to do this, or ask me. Do not leave your puppy or dog alone either day or night until you have taught him how to be on his own without anxiety. (My Yorkies share my bedroom to feel safe and cared for.)

I have been helping people with dogs for more than 30 years. In recent years I have seen an increase & a growing diversity in problem behaviours. Some of these problems, as in previous years, have been caused by poor socialization, insufficient exercise, and lack of leadership. Apart from these reasons, in almost every case where I have been called in to help, the problems have been caused by & intensified by the use of cages. When the owners have got rid of the cages & followed my remedial programs the problems have soon diminished to an acceptable level, and given time have totally extinguished.

Being caged can create any of the following problem behaviours:

  • Extreme attention seeking such as whining, barking, jumping up, nipping & tugging at clothes
  • Not being able to settle calmly and quietly when out of the cage
  • Being protective of toys and/or food - which can lead to aggression
  • Being timid and fearful when out - which can lead to aggression
  • Anxiety when approached - which can lead to nervous urination or aggression
  • Challenging owner's authority with willfulness and defiance
  • Being unresponsive and lethargic, and paying little or no attention to the owner
  • Compulsive behaviours such as shadow-chasing, tail-chasing, constant licking or scratching
  • Separation anxiety - that can be whining, barking, howling; urinating and/or defecating; or destroying items when left alone.

Which of these problems develop will depend upon the nature of the dog.

There is always a kinder and more humane alternative to the use of a cage. I will be pleased to help or advise you with this.

Dogs need to be taught how to behave in our human world in order to be problem free & a joy to live with. In order to achieve this keep your dog with you, on a lead if necessary.

Reward all good behaviour and obedience. Ignore all unwanted behaviour and teach an alternative behaviour which you do want and can reward.

Treat your dog as your best friend and your dog will reward you by becoming your best friend.

N.B.  If the door is never closed it is a kennel not a cage -
          A cage is a small enclosed space with a closed door, the dog is a trapped prisoner & cannot get out;
          A kennel is a small enclosed space with an always open entrance, providing a safe den which the dog can enter and leave at will.

Although they may look similar there is a  huge difference in the psychological effects a cage and a kennel can have on a dog.
To make an indoor kennel from a cage, remove the door (or fasten firmly open), drape with a cloth and put a comfy bed inside.
A good den can simply be made by putting a comfy bed under a suitably sized table against a wall.

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Jeannie Hall - dog trainer in Filey, Scarborough

Best wishes to you and your dog(s)

I hope to hear from you soon


Phone 01723 512712


Yorkshire Terrier Puupies in North Yorkshire

yorkshire terrier puppies in Filey

yorkshire terrier puppies in North Yorkshire

Yorkshire Terrier puppies available in Filey

My dogs are pretty and healthy, with good temperaments, and totally share my life.
I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder. My puppies are bred and reared with love and care.

I occasionally may have puppies available to go to responsible caring homes
- please see Kennel Club - Find a puppy.

Phone Jeannie on 01723 512712

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Introduction to the Yorkshire Terrier

Originally created small enough to be carried in a pocket to work as a ratter in textile mills and coal mines.

Has been bred as a companion for over 100 years.

Has a happy easy-going nature, full of character.

Needs kind and loving, but firm up-bringing:-

  • Start training from day one
  • Be consistent with your rules
  • Give enough exercise (little walks and short play-sessions to begin with) and allow to nap in peace

Needs to spend lots of time with you -

  • Will happily take part in all your activities
  • Will love being taken out & about with you - never leave puppy at home if you can take it with you

From day one introduce him happily to as many new experiences as possible - new people, new places, new events, new sights, sounds & smells; so she develops into a happy, confident, friendly dog.

Teach "Learning to be left alone" ... follow R.S.P.C.A. leaflet.

At night puppy will feel safe and cared for sleeping in your bedroom - but do not allow access when you are not there, and always enter first and then invite to join you. My Yorkies share my bedroom.

Needs lots of grooming:

  • Brush and comb every day
  • A bath at least every month - preferably every two weeks
  • A trim about every 8 - 12 weeks
  • Clean teeth every night to prevent gum-disease and tooth-decay

The beautiful coat grows long and silky, but is no protection against cold and wet weather. To keep warm and dry, a coat and mac are essential, otherwise a chill and illness may soon develop.

Make meal-times a family event:-

  • People eat first then puppy - puppy needs to learn his place and to wait quietly and patiently. Then Yorkie will grow into a dog who will be welcomed every where dogs are allowed.

I hope you have many happy years with your new canine companion.

I will always be pleased to help or advise with any questions or problems you may have.

Jeannie Hall - dog trainer in Filey, Scarborough